JYJ and TVXQ gifs

I make JYJ and TVXQ/DBSK gifs for fun. Here I will post some of my favorite ones, but if you want to see more, or just want to hang out, check out my Tumblr.

This one has a special place in my heart because it’s the first one I ever made. I had no idea what I was doing and the fact that it still looks good is simply a testimony to Yoochun’s cool face.

Yoochun rising sun blinking slowly
Source: Rising Sun MV

And we all know Chunface always looks cool…

Yoochun running funny I miss you Missing You Korean drama

Source: Drama Missing You

But at least Yoochun’s lips are always cool, right?

Yoochun lips eating Sungkyunkwan Scandal

Yoochun Yuchun lips sexy SKKS
Source: Drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal

ALWAYS cool. Right? Right? ….

Yoochun Sea Fog interview character lips funny
Source: Haemoo Character Intro

Despite Yoochun’s lips, Jaejoong is a better kisser… according to Yoochun.

Korean drama Triangle Jaejoong's kissing troublesJaejoong Triangle kissing troubles swagJaejoong Triangle kissing troubles ouchyJaejoong Triangle kissing troubles passionate kissingJaejoong Triangle kissing troubles laughing LOLJaejoong Triangle kiss troubles successJaejoong Triangle Kissing troubles high five buddy


Source: Jaejoong and Jinhee Kiss Scene BTS and Yoochun’s statement

Which is why sometimes this seems like the only option for these two

Incheon CF JYJ Jaechun gay marriage Junsu Incheon CF JYJ Jaechun gay marriage Junsu wedding dress Incheon CF JYJ Jaechun gay marriage Yoochun bachelor party


But Junsu’s not much better either

Jaejoong Yoochun Junsu collection card grabbing crotch violating

Yoochun collection card making JYJ Junsu collection card making JYJ Jaejoong collection card making JYJ

For more fun, check out JYJ unboxing and TVXQ merchandise.


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