About me

About me

Hi! I’m Yoona.

I’ve been a DBSK/TVXQ and JYJ fan a bit more than a year now.

I became totally obsessed with them and I want to collect JYJ and TVXQ albums, photobooks, magazines…

Being a new fan I had real difficulty finding out info about where and what I can buy, and choosing what I would like the most while paying the smallest possible price. Some items have been made a long time ago in limited quantities, while at the same time both JYJ and TVXQ are constantly publishing new albums (Yay!), working on dramas, shows, OST, etc which I need to keep up with.

It can get really overwhelming.

I started with TVXQ debut song “Hug” but after that things got complicated. I spent a lot of time researching and reading, researching and reading, and I think I know a lot more now, so I decided to share what I’ve found out with you and collect all that information in one place. I think it will be really helpful for anyone who wants to buy their official merchandise and goods.

I will mostly publish my own JYJ and TVXQ unboxings and reviews for the items I can get, and as much info as I can for those that I can’t. I also really like making things with my hands and trying to save money by making homemade stuff when I can, so I will also publish step-by-step tutorials for JYJ DIY items.

I tried to follow the U.S. convention of writing the names of larger works like albums in italics, and writing the names of smaller works like songs in “quotation marks”.



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