About JYJ and TVXQ

About JYJ and TVXQ

What is DBSK’s full name?

The meaning of the band’s name is “Rising Gods of the East”. Their name changes depending on which market they are promoting in, but the meaning remains the same.

In China they are called Tong Vfang Xien Qi, abbreviated TVXQ (sometimes TVfXQ).

In Korea they are called Dong Bang Shin Ki, abbreviated DBSK.

In Japan they are called Tohoshinki, abbreviated THSK.

In Hangul, Korean alphabet, their name is spelled 동방신기. Each syllable is contained in one syllabic block. 동 = Dong, 방 = Bang, 신 = Shin, 기 = Ki.

Chinese characters happen to be same in all three of those countries, spelling 東方神起.

Where is JYJ now?

Kim Jaejoong enlisted to serve South Korean military service on 31st of March 2015. It will last for 21 months and he will be discharged on 30th of  December 2016.

Park Yoochun enlisted to serve South Korean military service on 27th of August 2015. He finished his 4 weeks of basic training and is now in civil service due to his health condition.

Kim Junsu recently finished musical Death Note and will on October 19 release an album and subsequently hold a tour.

Do JYJ and DBSK keep in touch? / Do JYJ and TVXQ still talk?

This is difficult to know because they could easily be meeting in secret and fans would never know. But judging from Yoochun’s statement and taking into account the tensions between and SM Entertainment as well as the fact that JYJ’s activities are still restricted after all this time, it is my best guess that TVXQ and JYJ were not on especially good terms.

On 2nd of October, 2015 Kim Jaejoong took part in Ground Forces Festival as a performer, and Jung Yunho, who is also serving his military service got assigned to the position of MC. They met there, greeted each other and each other’s family members. There was no visible tension between them.

Do TVXQ and JYJ hate each other?

This would be even harder to confirm than the one above. They could be pretending to hate each other for SM’s sake, or they could be pretending not to hate each other to keep fans happy. However, it would be the best to take it from Yoochun himself: “I have no bad feelings now. Honestly, I hope that all of us will be happy.”.

Are JYJ and TVXQ still friends?

See the above.

Do JYJ live together?

No. JYJ lived together while they were part of TVXQ under SM Entertainment. Park Yoochun moved out first, and went to live with his mother and brother. However, once the lawsuit started Kim Jaejoong and Kim Junsu also moved out from SM’s dormitories.

Did JYJ win lawsuit?

In 2009 JYJ won the Petition for Preliminary Injunction to Void Exclusive Contract with SM Entertainment Inc., in 2011 SM lost the injunction they filed against the three members in 2010, and in 2012 JYJ and SM Entertainment finally settled and agreed not to interfere with each other’s activities.  It was probably not in interest of either parties to drag on the lawsuit but to be able to continue with their work.

Legal battle with Avex dragged on until February 2014, to which C-JeS’s CEO said: “Now that AVEX and JYJ have agreed not to interfere in each others’ business, it means a lot in that JYJ’s Japanese promotions are officially confirmed as being secured legally

Did JYJ break up? / Is JYJ popular in Korea?

No! They did solo activities because it is difficult for them to promote as JYJ because of SM Entertainment and soon all three of them, one by one, will have to enlist in South Korean army, but so far there hasn’t been any indication that they will not continue as JYJ. They are still doing really well, are really popular and they seem to be on great terms with each other.

Why did JYJ leave TVXQ?

JYJ wanted to leave SM Entertainment and since Jung Yunho and Shim Changmin decided to stay and TVXQ name belongs to SM not to the members, they had no choice in the matter but start a band under different name if they were to continue singing and performing.

Why is JYJ banned from music shows?

They are technically not banned. Actually, The Korea Fair Trade Commission (FTC) even gave official order to SM not to meddle and told tv broadcast stations to allow JYJ to perform.

However, the most probable way SM is doing it is by threating to pull their own bands (and they have many highly popular ones) from performing if JYJ does. Since JYJ is only one band it’s not worth for tv networks to risk it.

This is just what’s most likely and there is no proof. If there was JYJ would be able to sue, but such things are usually very difficult to prove so that’s how it is going to be for some time.

Why JYJ cannot appear on tv?

See the above.

Does JYJ smoke?

Kim Jaejoong and Park Yoochun smoke. Kim Junsu does not. He said his mother has raised him with a mindset against smoking, and recently he said he would prefer if his girlfriend didn’t smoke. Also, apparently, his religion discourages things like smoking as well. Kim Jaejoong tried to quit several times, but has recently been seen smoking publicly so he’s not trying to hide it.

Disclaimer: all answers you read above is what I know only as a fan of JYJ and TVXQ. I carefully check all my info, but I can’t guarantee that they are correct.


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