The Christmas gift from TVXQ unboxing and review

Unboxing: The Christmas gift from TVXQ 2004 – TVfXQ! carol album, their first Christmas album, published on December 7, 2004.

The album comes in a very unique packaging, a rough natural-looking cardstock envelope with “The Christmas Gift from 東方神起” written on front and back. On the back there are the “From:___” and “To:___” designated spots and a faux-postal stamp so you can dedicate it to someone and make it become a true Christmas gift from TVXQ.

TVXQ Chirstmas album unboxing packaging carboard design front and back CD cover envelope

Of course I am very possessive when it comes to my TVXQ and JYJ collections so this one is going to be a Christmas gift From: Me     To: Me     and stay right where it is, on my shelf :)

I ordered The Christmas gift from TVXQ from Kpop online shop Ktown4u along with some other JYJ goods.

Ktown4u unboxing package TVXQ Christmas album JYJ Collection Card, Yoochun Sungkyunkwan Scandal magazine Asta TV photo set B Lotte spotlight 2011 Junsu photocards

Ktown4u unboxing package TVXQ Christmas album JYJ Collection Card, Yoochun Sungkyunkwan Scandal magazine Asta TV photo set B Lotte spotlight 2011 Junsu photocards back reverse sideIn the same shipment I also ordered JYJ Collection Cards, Asta TV Magazine with Yoochun (as Lee Sun Joon from Sungkyunkwan Scandal) on the front cover, JYJ photo set B Lotte spotlight 2011, and I also received a bonus Kim Junsu photocard. Ktown4u always includes these unofficial photocards when you order from them.

On the right side you can see what the back of the goods looks like.

I placed the order on 1st of December 2014, and it was shipped out on the same day! Usually it takes more than 24 hours, up to three days. The weight of the whole package with the box was 1,370g so the shipping cost $16.61. The album itself is really light.

For the TVXQ Christmas album I paid the regular price although some other items in the package were discounted to below a dollar.

If you are curious to see me open the whole package please watch the video above.


Inside the envelope is the TVXQ Christmas CD, CD insert booklet, 5 perforated TVXQ holiday postcards and the usual SM Entertainment commercial fliers.

DBSK TVXQ Christmas photocards Max Uknow Micky Xiah Hero 2004
The TVXQ Christmas photocards came attached together with perforation. Maybe it’s because the album is so old (came out of the factory in 2004), or maybe it was made that way from the start, but they came apart in my hands as I was unboxing them (you can see it in the video above) even though I was handling it gently. I wasn’t bothered by this in the least, as I intended to use the TVXQ Christmas cards separately as a decoration anyway, but if for some reason it is important for you to preserve them connected just know you will have to be very careful.

TVXQ DBSK Dong Bang Shin Ki Christmas card

The Christmas gift from DBSK CD insert booklet is really especially beautiful. The covers have matte silver finish with photo of all five members on the front. Inside there are various photographs of TVXQ members dressed in white suits among Christmas decorations, as well as a close up of each of their faces. They were so young here!

TVXQ Christmas Photobook Micky Yoochun Xiah Junsu Yunho UKnow Hero Jaejoong Max ChangminDBSK Christmas gift CD insert Jejung Yuchun Junsu Yunho Changmin winter holidays
Next to each solo shot of TVXQ member is a Christmas gift they chose and person they gave it to. Park Yoochun chose motorcycle helmet for Jung Yunho, who chose scarf for Kim Junsu who chose headphones for Kim Jaejoong who made a cake for Shim Changmin who chose a teddy bear plushy for Park Yoochun.

Here are my attempts to translate what’s written next to each of their images but since my Korean is still horrible, please don’t take this too seriously. I also crossed out the parts I had no idea how to translate.
Yoochun to Yunho: “For U-Know”
“This Christmas I would like to give U-Know-hyung a motorcycle helmet as a present.
First of all, Hyung’s face is small so it will suit him well. Second, Hyung likes riding motorcycles so it’s for his safety.
Later when I buy a motorcycle you definitely have to give me a helmet of a matching color as a present ~ Hyung ~*^^* ”

Yunho to Junsu: “For Xiah”
“Our Xiah usually comes and goes without protecting his neck well even though he must hide his neck in broadcasts, right? Polo neck (turtleneck) and necklace suits Junsu better than anyone, so this Christmas I am going to give him this scarf as a gift
I’m giving a scarf so he can keep his neck warm and avoid getting a cold, hoping he’ll sing with a much better voice~”

Junsu to Jaejoong: “For Hero”
For Hero Hyung listening to songs almost every moment is really a way of life.
I am going to give him headphones as a gift this Christmas so that he can listen to music in a bit better quality. I’ve seen him use headphones as accessory before and it really suited him… ^^
These headphones I give him he can use as an accessory, now that it’s winter as earmuffs and by all means I hope he uses them every time he listens to music.”

Jaejoong to Changmin: “For Max”
Dong Bang Shin Ki’s maknae (youngest member) Max always eats well and grows taller, to that extent, it’s always expected.
So this Christmas for our maknae I will personally make a Christmas cake as a present~
The food that best suits Christmas can’t be anything other than C.A.K.E!
Filled with plenty of my love and devotion let’s eat the cake together and spread merry Christmas.”

Changmin to Yoochun: “For Micky”
“I’ve seen Micky Hyung several times with a sleepy look on his face thinking about things alone for a long time.
As I observed his lonely figure I worried what a right gift for Hyung would be! That’s how I decided on a really cute teddy bear. The reason why I chose particularly cute and pretty teddy bear is because if he sleeps cuddling with it next to him he can be in a good mood and sleep well ^^ Look at it often and be happy ~ ”

Reading about Yoochun’s gift to Yunho I was reminded of the interview where Yunho said his hobby is wearing a motorcycle helmet to a movie theater. Maybe that is the only way for him to go to a movie theater without getting mobbed by fans? Although I can’t imagine that a guy wearing a motorcycle helmet in a movie theater is not attracting any looks.

The little silver booklet also has all the The Christmas Gift from TVXQ lyrics, written in Hangul for songs with Korean lyrics and Latin alphabet for songs with English lyrics.



Doesn’t the DBSK Christmas album fit really well among all the Christmas decoration?

This holiday album is really going to make your Christmas merrier. Have you ever heard the TVXQ members sing acapella as five? If you haven’t what are you waiting for? The five of them have only been a band for a year when they recorder this album but it is amazing the harmony they achieve and how mature their voices already sound. It’s truly like angels descended from heavens to bless your ears with the holiest of sounds. If you think I’m being overly dramatic that just means you haven’t had a chance to hear them yet :)

The Christmas Gift From Dong Bang Shin Ki includes the five members’s perfectly harmonized covers of traditional Christmas classics.

Tracklisting for The Christmas Gift from TVXQ album:

Title Lyrics Composed by Length
01 Jesus, Joy Of Man’s Desiring -Accapella Version- traditional J.S Bach (Church Cantatas BMV 147) 01:02
02 The First Noel (Traditional) traditional traditional (arranged by Kenzie) 02:55
03 Magic Castle Kim Kwang-Jin Kim Kwang-Jin (arranged by Kenzie) 04:07
04 Prayer -narration- Kim Kwang-Jin Kim Kwang-Jin (arranged by Kenzie) 03:45
05 Angels We Have Heard on High (Traditional) traditional traditional (arranged by Kenzie) 01:46
06 Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town (Traditional) traditional traditional 01:51
07 Silent Night, Holy Night (Traditional) traditional traditional 02:51
08 Magic Castle (Instrumental) Kim Kwang-Jin 04:08

Magic Castle has been hit in 1994 in South Korea. It was also a song that was chosen for Yoochun’s Kdrama Missing You scene where his character, the detective is very badly singing in a karaoke room (I’m upset that even then he’s still singing better than I do :) ). It was even funnier because he was of course part of the band that covered that song so beautifully. He was asked to sing it again when he attended drama awards with Jaejoong to prove he can still sing.


Other version of this same album were

This is the only version of The Christmas Gift from TVXQ




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