Kpop DIY – TVXQ and JYJ cards

Here I will post Kpop DIY cards that I make, both for TVXQ and JYJ. TVXQ and JYJ cards will be in the order in which I make them rather than the actual timeline.

1) Kpop DIY TVXQ card

First card is inspired by amazing TVXQ (DBSK / Tohoshinki) Tokyo Dome performance of their song “Force”.

Kpop DIY card TVXQ Force lyrics So never give it up baby join the FORCE

Kpop DIY card TVXQ DBSK Tohoshinki glitter brush paint watercolor cardstock Jaejoong Yoochun and Junsu final concert as five in Tokyo Dome during Secret Code Tour 2009

The white text, written by hand with a teeny brush using gouache paint, is part of TVXQ’s “Force” lyrics: “So never give it up baby, join the force“. I dabbed the word FORCE with paper towel to give it a grungy look and drawn on green highlights from laser beams.

TVXQ’s Force is one of their lesser known songs but it is actually among my favorite. They performed it during their Secret Code tour and at their last concert as 5, which was held in Tokyo Dome. Their fame and skills were at the top up to that point and it is just such a pleasure to watch. And Yoochun was just ugh… The DVD and Blu-ray of the performance are still available for purchase at online Kpop stores, mostly from Japan.

To make this Kpop DIY TVXQ card I used watercolor paper and it’s mostly made with watercolor but technically it’s a mixed-media card. The green laser beams are made from double sided sticky tape and glitter. The laser origin is a green rhinestone.

green laser beams glitter and double sided sticky tape

The dark blue background and the golden lines, also drawn with watercolor, were inspired by the TVXQ uniforms. The golden buttons are actually raised from the surface. They are made out of tiny drops of 3D medium which was painted over with the golden watercolor once the drops were dry.

Kpop DIY Tohoshinki K-pop card handmade DBSK in Tokyo Dome Secret Code tour costumes

Kpop DIY TVXQ dark blue uniforms with golden stripes Tokyo Dome performance 2009

2) Kpop DIY JYJ card

Second card I made has been in order to celebrate JYJ getting up on stage with their flag during the 2015 KPCAA (Korean Popular Culture & Arts Awards) and of course receiving Prime Minister’s Commendation for their contribution to K-Pop culture in the promotion and spread of the Hallyu Wave.

DIY Kpop boy bang JYJ logo letters watercolor handmade orange red brownDIY JYJ name written with pens

JYJ DIY card is made on the same watercolor cardstock as the one above, but this one is actually double in size. I used three pens – red, orange and brown to make the grid and a transparent pen with silver sparkles to make the four regions with highlights.

JYJ logo sign handmade watercolor on white cardstock
Once I’ve drawn the grid I used a wet brush to drag the color from the edges into the areas between the lines. You can use any pens you have but make sure they are not water resistant or else they will not smudge. I didn’t add anything else in the red and brown areas but I added a really tiny drop of orange watercolor in the orange sectors because there wasn’t enough pigment and it was a bit too light for my taste.

As a finishing touch I scribbled on some transparent pen with silver sparkles into random areas and then used the wet brush to spread the glitter evenly across the whole area.

JYJ Kpop DIY card closeup Jaejoong Yoochun Junsu sign

JYJ DIY logo design card Jaejoong Yuchun Junsu orange red brown silver sparkle

I will post a JYJ card tomorrow. For other Kpop DIY stuff I made check out the JYJ collection card calendar. When I make more Kpop DIY cards, either for JYJ or TVXQ I will post them here so make sure to come back and check it out.


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