JYJ t-shirt Worldwide Concert in Seoul unboxing

Unboxing white cotton JYJ t-shirt from Worldwide Concert in Seoul C-JeS official goods collection.

Shirt comes in a plastic grip-seal resealable bag, which is transparent on one side and silver metallic on the other.

unboxing JYJ item shirt sealed unopened new CJeS Entertainment official goods

The packaging is very simple, there’s no decorations or writings on the bag other than two stickers, one for the usual price and barcode information, and the other official C-JeS JYJ sticker.

The t-shirt is white, only comes in one size (my guess is that it’s closest to medium), 100% cotton and Made in Korea.


Kpop unboxing t-shirt Worldwide Concert in Seoul Jaejoong Yoochun Yuchun Junsu white shirt red print

Here is the shirt against dark background.

unboxing white JYJ t-shirt with red logo WorldWide Concert in Seoul

The print  and stitching are neat and the t-shirt overall looks high quality.

Suprisingly, I got the shirt for only $0.94 during a big ktown4u sale, when I made a haul of all the JYJ items that were on discount at that time.


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