JYJ Yep!Seoul A4 Clear File Set unboxing

Unboxing Kpop group JYJ A4 Clear File Set with 4 file folders – three glossy ones and one with 3D effect – official goods by C-JeS Entertainment & Yep! Seoul .

All four folders are standard size 22 cm x 31 cm, a bit bigger than A4 paper. (If you are looking for larger JYJ file folders check out the one from their 2014 Asia Tour Concert)

It seems Yep! Seoul was a Japanese store that sold Korean goods in Japan, but they closed on 23 August 2015. However, I didn’t get the folders there anyway but from K-pop online shop ktown4u based in Korea. You can see the JYJ haul here.


Like other sets of JYJ clear file folders this one too came in a simple plastic wrap with the pink info sticker.

However, I couldn’t for the life of me find for which occasion this set was released. There were no JYJ group concerts or fanmeetings at the time. This clear file set was released on 26th of December 2013. Jaejoong was doing 2013 Kim Jaejoong 1st Album Asia Tour – WWW, Yoochun was working on 3 Days and Haemoo, and Junsu was doing his musical December and preparing for his 2nd Ballad & Musical Concert.

Then again, 26th of December 2013 was the 10 year debut anniversary for the members of JYJ and that seems like occasion enough.

Out of the 4 clear file folders the thick file folder with JYJ group shot on the front cover from left to right – Kim Junsu, Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun is the only one with 3D effect. The zigzag patterns seems to move behind the three members when you look at it from different angles.

Front of the thick 3D folder:

JYJ thick 3D effect clear file folder front Jaejoong Yoochun Junsu suits grey CJeS official goods

When you tilt the file 3D effect is created – it’s as if JYJ members are closer to you than the grey background.

JYJ animated gif Yep seoul clear file set Dong BUY Shin Ki 3D effect

Back of the thick 3D folder.

2013 CJeS Entertainment official JYJ merch file folder stationery backNote: Unlike the Worldwide Concert in Seoul thick 3D folders, this one doesn’t have the middle partition, so all your papers are kept together in one pocket.

Each of the members has a thin glossy file folder with solo shot on the front and the same zigzag background on the back, with JYJ logo in the middle.


Unboxing JYJ Kim Jaejoong clearfile set folder Yep Seoul 2013 sucking thumb watch photograph

JYJ Kim Jaejoong clearfile set folder Yep Seoul 2013 back made in Korea C-JeS


Unboxing JYJ Park Yoochun Yuchun suit tie clear file set Yep Seoul 2013 10th anniversaryUnboxing JYJ Park Yoochun Yuchun clear file set Yep Seoul 2013 10th anniversary back


Unboxing Kpop JYJ Xia Junsu clear file folder set Yep!Seoul C-JeS Entertainment official goods

JYJ Kpop clear file Kim Junsu back rear

Note that each of the solo shot folders is a slightly different shade of color (Jaejoong’s has a bit of reddish hue to it, Junsu bluish, and Yoochun’s seems plain gray to my eyes).

Kpop unboxing JYJ clear file folder set 3D effect








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