JYJ Big Size Clear File Set – 2014 Asia Tour Concert

Unboxing: JYJ big size clear file folder set which was one of the official goods sold during the 2014 JYJ Asia Tour Concert “The Return of the King”. 

I bought the JYJ file folder pack online at an amazing discount price as a part of JYJ haul. Originally the file set was sold at concert venue in Seoul for 20,000 KRW and subsequently in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Bangkok as well.
Unboxing JYJ Jaejoong Yoochun Junsu concert official goods CJeS big file set 2014 unopened brand new wrapped
Unboxing JYJ 2014 Asia Tour Concert The Return of the King sticker on official goods wrapping unopened of large big clear file setThe file folder pack comes in a resealable transparent plastic wrap with a black sticker on it that says “JYJ – 2014 Asia Tour Concert – The Return of the King – official goods – C-JeS Entertainment, Made in Korea”.

The smaller file folders are tucked into the largest one so the way it’s packed you can only see the large size file folder while it’s still sealed, however the pack contains five JYJ clear file folders in total.

Four are for standard A4 size papers, and the remaining one is a lot larger than the others and roughly measures 30.8 cm x 43.4 cm or 12.1 in x 17.1 in.

These large dimensions make it somewhat clunky for shipping but it is at the same time very thin and light, so it’s not too bad. You can see how the Kpop store packed it for shipping in the JYJ haul unboxing.

The big size file folder has the collective photograph of JYJ members dressed in floral suits taken during the photoshoot for JYJ Just Us – Back Seat album and photobook.
JYJ Big clear file folder Jaejoong Yoochun Junsu Back Seat Just Us concert tour official merchandiseLargest clear file folder plastic JYJ back side rear reverse
File folders are made of high quality plastic, glossy on the outside and matte on the inside. The plastic is finely thin and pliant which you can see in the unboxing video above. It is also slightly transparent as you can see in the photograph above, the front image of Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu faintly visible through the back. However, once you put papers inside the image becomes solid and clear.

JYJ 2014 Asia Tour The Return of the King concert goods glossy background plastic

Out of the four A4 sized JYJ file folders three have solo shots of JYJ members, surrounded by the, by now familiar, flower arrangements from their Just Us photoshoot from left to right: Kim Junsu, Kim Jaejoong, and Park Yoochun.
JYJ unboxing Xia Junsu Jaejoong Yoochun suit tie file folders flowers Just Us Back Seat The Return of the King official items CJeS original
The A4 JYJ clear file folders are made in exactly the same way, just smaller size.XIA Junsu clear file folder Back Seat Just Us album 2014 Asia Tour The Return of the King concert official goods CJeS EntertainmentJYJ The Return of the King 2014 Asia Tour Junsu Xia back rear clear file folder CJeS official goods

Kim Jaejoong Jejung Clear file folder CJeS official goods Asia 2014 Tour The Return of the King Back Seat Just Us albumJaejoong rear back Clear file folder set Back Seat Just Us The Return of the King Asia Tour 2014 CJeS official goods concertPark Yoochun Clear file folder Just Us Back Seat 2014 Asia Tour Return of the King Concert official JYJ goods CJeS EntPark Yoochun official goods file folder back rear Back Seat Just Us Concert album 2014 Asia Tour CJeSAlthough it may not be obvious at first glance, all three reverse sides of the file folders have differently arranged flowers. Yeah, I know, I spent way too much time staring at these file folders :)

Can you blame me?

Junsu pink green bleached dyed hair eyeliner makeup guyliner black suit white shirt Back Seat Just UsJaejoong Back Seat Just Us purple dark short hair makeup eyeliner guyliner black suit white shirt tieYoochun Back Seat Just Us photoshoot blue hair eyeliner guyliner suit white shirt tie
Every clear file folder has C-JeS Entertainment’s name printed on the bottom of the reverse side, as a proof it is part of JYJ’s official goods.
Copyright 2014 C-JeS Entertainment

Lastly, there is the fourth A4-sized clear file folder.

JYJ unboxing 2014 Asia Tour Concert The Return of the King Back Seat Just Us album clear file folder front

JYJ Clear File Folder back 2014 Asia Tour Concert The Return of the King Just Us Back Seat CJeS Official goodsJYJ The Return of the King 2014 Concert JYJ name symbol Back Seat flowers and leaves CJeSOnce again the design is adopted from the Just Us album concept, which makes sense because the 2014 JYJ Asia  Tour “The Return of the King” was the tour promoting that album.

All in all, these file folders seem high quality and durable, and the plastic has very nice feeling under the fingers, while the JYJ images printed on them are clear and crisp. And who wouldn’t want JYJ stationery to brighten up their school or work day?

For the rest of the official items I bought together with this JYJ Big Clear File Folder Set 2014 JYJ Asia Tour “The Return of the King”, check out JYJ haul HD photographs and video.


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