JYJ haul – Kpop official goods unboxing

An amazing discount over at Kpop online store Ktown4u allowed me to make my first ever JYJ haul! Items that would normally run up to $60 were being sold for just $0.94. They were getting sold out rapidly but I did manage to grab quite a few of the high-quality official JYJ goods before they were all gone and I ended up paying just a few dollars in total for the whole thing.

Here is the video of JYJ haul unboxing on my youtube channel and you can click on the links bellow to see me unbox each piece of JYJ official merchandise separately.

In order of appearance:

CJeS official The Return of the King 2014 JYJ Asia Tour Concert Olympic Stadium 2014 08 09 big size clear file set

CJeS official the Return of the JYJ Concert in Tokyo Dome 2013 04 02 book poster wrapping paper key chain

Micky Yuchun lightstick red light stick fan support Yoochun Mickey Mouse

CJeS official XIA Incredible towel pink Nagoya

JYJ memo paper box steel case bottom and lid

JYJ Fan Meets Tour 2011 Spotlight Photo set A Lotte fanmeeting

Ktown4u JYJ photo cards Yoochun Junsu Xia unofficial

JYJ fan meets tour 2011 Spotlight sticker sheets Jaejoong Yoochun Junsu Lotte fanmeeting

JYJ Clear folder set 3D A4 Jaejoong Yoochun Junsu suits front

CJeS offical Worldwide Concert in Seoul clear file set

CJeS official Worldwide concert in Seoul t-shirts

Everything sold out within a day or two except JYJ stickers and JYJ fan (which I didn’t get in this haul but I bought subsequently), so if you want some official JYJ goods and can’t really afford them this is your chance.

As you can see in the unboxing video above I had to split my order into two because the cheapest form of shipping has weight restriction to 2kg and it was cheaper to pay two shipping fees for the economy shipping rather than get more expensive shipping where all items could fit in one box.

So the 7 official JYJ items arrived in one box, while the other 2 official items arrived in the orange padded bubble envelope. In addition to these I also got freebies, as is usual with this Kpop shop. Two JYJ (Junsu and Yoochun) photocards arrived in the box, while the padded envelope had Micky Yuchun lightstickin it . I like that Ktown4u always takes into account which Kpop group you ordered items from and they make sure to give you matching free goodies so you won’t get some group you don’t care about.

JYJ haul ktown4u unboxing shipping box unwrapped unopened

Here is the receipt and the order list for this JYJ haul:

Prices Kpop Ktown4u JYJ haul 7 items goods

Prices Ktown4u Kpop haul 2 items and freebies


2 thoughts on “JYJ haul – Kpop official goods unboxing

  1. Great haul and all I can say I have missed out, I will definitely be looking at that site now. Didn’t know half of that stuff existed, great post.

    • I really don’t know where all those JYJ goods popped up from. They weren’t being sold for regular prices in that store, but instead just appeared suddenly one day already discounted.

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