Package full of TVXQ – Ktown4u event winner

Recently K-pop online shop Ktown4u organized a competition on their Facebook page. The task was to draw a message for them and hold it up for the camera. This is what I came up with

I love Ktown4u picket event winner

Can you spot Junsu in the background?

and I won! A box full of TVXQ!

Once the package arrived I was so excited to see all the TVXQ goodies I won. Here is the unboxing video I filmed so you can share the pleasure of opening the package with me:


SM Entertainment official goods

  • TVXQ! Printed autograph sticker
    • Yellow colored A4 sticker with U-Know and MAX’s signatures
  • TVXQ! 2015 Season’s Greetings
    • Calendar, Scheduler, DVD, Mini calendar

Fanmade goods:

  • Yoonhostar Ticket book
  • Yoonhostar two U-Know posters

The biggest and heaviest item was TVXQ! 2015 Season’s Greetings in a bright white box with the simple cover design:

TVXQ! 2015 Season’s Greetings unboxing by Ktown4u:


Yoonhostar’s Ticket Book with U-Know Yunho’s character Crown Prince Lee Shin from muscial Goong on the front cover. Goong was an adaptation of popular South Korean drama Princess Hours.

Yunho U-Know DBSK Goong ticket book Unite for Yoonho inside


Yellow A4-sized sticker with Yunho’s and Changmin’s printed signatures

SMTown Stardium TVXQ Yunho U-Know MAX Changmin Korea SM Entertainment


Two posters of Yunho from his fanclub Yoonhostar


There was also a brochure for Kpop camp and Kpop academy. Click on the picture and then resolution to see it in full size


Thank you Ktown4u for this wonderful gift!



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