Jejung & Yuchun COLORS ~ Melody and Harmony ~ unboxing

Unboxing: COLORS ~ Melody and Harmony ~ / Shelter, a special project by Jejung (ジェジュン) & Yuchun  (ユチョン) (from 東方神起), a rather unusual release for TVXQ (called Tohoshinki in Japan).

It was released on September 30, 2009 for Japanese market, made in Japan, and used as the song for celebration of the 35th anniversary of Hello Kitty.

I ordered this single from CDJapan at the same time I preordered JYJ’s single Wake Me Tonight, mostly to save on shipping because adding a bit of weight to existing package is cheaper then ordering a whole new package later on. If you are interested in shipping information, and how well CDJapan protects the goods while being shipped you can see the unboxing of the whole package.

This is the CD + DVD version. It is easy to tell apart from the CD-only version which has white background, Jaejoong and Yoochun in a similar black-and-white photograph but their eyes are closed, and colorful splotches of watercolor which makes the whole cover look fresh and light. In contrast, the CD + DVD version you see here is on a striking black background, with Jaejoong and Yoochun’s eyes opened and a tiny touch of colors in the form of doodles made with what looks like colored pencil with multi colored lead.

DBSK Tohoshinki TVXQ COLORS Melody and Harmony green sticker Rhythm Zone SM RZCD 46372 BThe CD + DVD version comes in the thicker jewel case, with an obi strip, resealable plastic wrap and a green sticker with information in Japanese language. It is rare that the plastic wrap is resealable, usually you have to rip it apart to get to the CD, but I like that the case is at least a bit protected later on.

The single actually contains two different songs on the CD, as well as their instrumental (called Less Vocal) versions, so four tracks in total.

“Colors (Melody and Harmony)” is the title track. Music was written by Jaejoong and Yoochun, and the two of them arranged it as well, together with Yoichiro Kakizaki. The music for the other song, “Shelter”,  was written by Jaejoong and Junsu, while Yoochun wrote the English rap lyrics which include the famous “theory of porno” line.

The DVD contains the 5 minute “Colors (Melody and Harmony)” music video (MV or PV).

The COLORS Melody and Harmony / Shelter single reached first place on Oricon Daily Chart, Oricon Weekly Chart as well as Billboard Japan Hot 100.

COLORS Melody and Harmony Shelter CD DVD Jaejoong Yoochun from Dong Bang Shin Ki Tohoshinki front cover

COLORS Melody and Harmony Shelter tracklisting track list CD DVD Jaejoong Yoochun from Dong Bang Shin Ki Tohoshinki back rear


When you open the case the music CD is on the left, while the DVD with the Soulmate couple video clip is on the right. The DVD is in NTSC format for region 2 with 4:3 aspect ratio and stereo sound.

COLORS 동방신기 Jpop Kpop Jaejoong Yoochun TVXQ DBSK Tohoshinki

The CD with the music is black with yellow and silver letters while the DVD has purple and silver text. Other than that it is rather difficult to say at first glance which is the CD and which is the DVD but upon closer inspection you can actually notice the DVD symbol in the margins of the yellowish one.

The jewel case is twice as thick but the other dimensions are exactly the same as the standard CD jewel case so it will fit with any other CDs you might have. The outside covers feature black and white photographs of Yoochun and Jaejoong. On the front cover they are looking straight ahead at the camera while on the back cover they are looking more inward, creating a more intimate atmosphere. The inside of the covers shows Jaejoong and Yoochun sitting on couches, working on the song together, with Yoochun holding a guitar.

Aside from the CD and DVD there is a glossy paper three-page foldout insert in the middle.

COLORS Melody and Harmony JaeChun soulmate couple front cover CD DVD insert booklet

The paper insert is like a mini photobook with once again black and white photograph of JaeChun sitting on stone steps while colorful doodles float around them, and the member’s solo shot on the sides.

The inside is printed with lyrics for “Colors (Melody and Harmony)” on the left side, “Shelter” lyrics in the middle, and credits for the people that took part in the making of the song, music video and photoshoot on the right.COLORS Melody and Harmony lyrcis Shelter lyrics Japanese English Jejung Yuchun H.U.B Junsu Xiah Micky HERO Jajeoong Yoochun

Under the CD and DVD there is more information written in Japanese. The type of music is marked as J-pop.



Tracklisting for COLORS ~ Melody and Harmony ~ / Shelter CD+DVD edition:

Title Lyrics Composed by Length
“COLORS ~ Melody and Harmony ~” H.U.B. Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun 05:19
“Shelter” H.U.B., Park Yoochun Kim Jaejoong, Kim Junsu 05:42
“COLORS ~ Melody and Harmony ~ (Less Vocal)” Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun 05:20
“Shelter (Less Vocal)” Kim Jaejoong, Kim Junsu 05:39


Other version of this same album were

“Colors (Melody and Harmony) / Shelter” CD only version




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