Learn Korean with Kdrama – The Girl Who Sees Smells

The Girl Who Sees Smells title Sensory Couple Korean drama Yoochun JYJ

I decided to learn Korean language with South Korean drama The Girl Who Sees Smells (Kr: 냄새를 보는 소녀), also known as Sensory Couple, starring Park Yoochun and Shin Se-kyung.

What better way to learn Korean than with JYJ and TVXQ!?

I will share with you everything I myself discover, but please bear in mind that I am just a beginner in learning Korean, and in no way a teacher you can rely on!

First, the meaning of the title. The working title of the drama was Sensory Couple, while the official name and the literal translation from Korean is “The Girl Who Sees Smells“.

Girl Who Sees Smells Learn Korean Kdrama title Sensory Couple

냄새 n. smell, odor, scent
-를 object marker
보다 v. to see, to look, to watch
-는 topic marker
소녀 n. girl
소년 n. boy

Even though the ending – 은/는 is used to mark the topic of a sentence, here it is added to the stem of the verb to form an adjective of sorts. An adjective that will describe the succeeding noun.

보다 is a verb meaning “to see”. The stem of this verb is 보-.

To modify the following noun, 소녀 “girl”, and describe that she has the ability of seeing, we add  – 은/는 to this stem. We get “보는” which in this case could be translated as “that sees”, “who sees”.

Thus we arrive at 냄새를 보는 소녀 = the smell(

As you can see, the word order in Korean is different than English, but you can be certain that what is being seen is the smell, not the girl, because the word smells has object marker attached to it. So the words need to be ordered to make it sound more natural in English, like this: “The girl who sees smells.”

Next, let’s look at the words that are commonly used in this Kdrama. The main character Choi Mu-gak (최무각) is a police officer aspiring to be a detective in hopes that he will get to access the files on his little sister’s case whose murderer was never found. He is teamed up with Oh Cho-rim (오초림), the girl who sees smells herself, and the two of them investigate a serial killer in hopes of getting Choi Mu-gak noticed as an aspiring detective.

As you can imagine, a lot of words pertaining to police and investigation are mentioned. Here are some:Korean-word-for-handcuffs-Yoochun-The-Girl-Who-Sees-Smells

Korean words for detective police murder homicide murderer handcuffs disappearance to be missing from The Girl Who Sees Smells Korean dramaTGWSS learn Korean with Kdrama constable police patrol 순경

If the pronunciation of Korean words is different than how they are written I mark that pronunciation with square brackets. This is just to give you an idea how to properly say it. The word can never be spelled that way.

Korean English Pronunciation
경찰 n. police, officer, cop
순경 n. constable
형사 n. detective, investigator
수갑 n. handcuffs
실종 n. disappearance, be missing [실쫑]
살인 n. murder, homicide [사린]
살인자 n. murderer [사린자]
살해하다 v. to kill, to murder

How-to-say-frog-in-Korean-word-Kdrama-learn-The-Girl-Who-Sees-Smells-Sensory-CoupleAnother set of Korean words that occurs commonly in this drama is vocabulary concerning the comedy troupe that the main female character, Oh Cho-rim (오초림), is in.

The name of their comedy troupe in Korean is 개구리, or a frog. I wonder if this is a play on Korean word for a gag, 개그.


On the ticket under the picture of a frog head you can see written 개구리 극단, literally a Frog Troupe.

Korean word for ticket office 매표소 booking office how to say

Their theater troupe has their own ticket office, or booking office. Korean word for ticket office is 매표소, which you can see written in white letters on the green sign. You can see this sign in Korea in airports, movie theaters, concerts etc.

Korean English Pronunciation
극단 n. theater company, troupe [극단]
개구리 n. frog
개그 n. gag, joke
웃음 n. laugh, giggle, chuckle [우슴]
웃다 v. to laugh, to giggle, to chuckle [욷따]
만담 n. comic talk, gag
n. ticket
매표  n. ticketing
매표소  n. ticketing office, booking office

More coming soon…


7 thoughts on “Learn Korean with Kdrama – The Girl Who Sees Smells

  1. I`ll definitely give it a go. Your posts are allways fun. I could almost smell fresh flower scent rising from your page. :)

  2. Thank you. It’s difficult to find in a dictionary all the words that people are called in Korean (like 최순경님), and it is helpful to have the main vocabulary listed with pictures to reference as you watch the TV show.

    • I’m glad you liked it. If there were any more words in the show you are interested in I will translate them and add them to the list.

    • Thank you! Learning Korean is very much fun. It’s even more fun when we learn it through things that interest us like Kdrama and Kpop. That’s why I would really recommend your blog to anyone :)

      • Wow thank you so much. I will keep interested in your blog. Personally I like dongbangshinki too. Their performance is always jaw-dropping and they will be remembered as a lengendaey boygroup in Kpop history. Especially there achievements in japan are incomparable. Anyway i will visit again your blog. Have a good weekend.

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