Sea Fog Haemoo DVD unboxing

Sea Fog or Haemoo is a 2014 South Korean movie starring Park Yoochun that tells a story about a crew of fishermen who in desperate times accept a job of smuggling Chinese-Koreans on board of their fishing vessel. Amid the creeping sea fog tragedy as well as romance develops.

The Sea Fog DVD was released in March 2015. I’m not sure if there will be versions in other languages, but taking into account the interest that was shown for the film in major film festivals across the world there probably will.

This one is a Korean version and thus has audio track in Korean and a choice between Korean and English subtitles.

I Buy Haemoo Sea Fog DVD on gmarket 50% off discountordered the movie from Gmarket, a Korean online shopping mall that ships internationally. They only offer EMS service, a faster but more expensive shipping option. However, right now there is a promotion to get 50% off on one item for new customers so I ended up paying the same as if I had gotten the cheapest shipping option and the movie at the regular price. EMS is usually much faster but Gmarket dispatches international shipments from their headquarters so there is an extra time it takes for the package to travel inside Korea domestically.

All in all, it arrived 4 days sooner than if I had gotten the slower shipping option and for the same price, so not bad.

Sea Fog Korean movie DVD cover and slipcover

DVD box is the standard size. In the photo above on the left side you can see the plastic box that DVDs came in, and on the right is the cardboard slipcover that the box was inserted in.

Looking at the design, both front and back, I noticed an interesting thing: Yoochun’s name ISN’T displayed prominently anywhere on the DVD. Actually no matter how hard I looked I couldn’t find actors’ names anywhere, just the director and producer on the back in small grey letters.

Only place where actors were listed, and that even without mentioning that they are actually actors from the movie or which character they played, is on the back of the slipcover (nothing of the sorts on the DVD box itself) where actor’s names are listed in Hangul under commentary (코멘터리) section.

I actually like that they chose to leave it like that, the sea enveloped in darkness and fog certainly creates a more impactful eery feeling than if they covered it with names and promos, but even more importantly it leaves the impression that both Yoochun and the director Shim Sung-bo were trying hard to be recognized for quality of their work in their debut film, and not use their celebrity status to promote it (Park Yoochun is a member of JYJ and an award winning drama actor, while Shim Sung-bo worked alongside Bong Joon-ho on movies such as Memories of Murder)

This first edition contains two discs.

Sea Fog disc 1 holds full movie.

Sea Fog disc 2 holds special features and extras such commentary, interviews, delete scenes, trailer, etc.

The DVD insert is tucked into the left inner side of the box. The outside of the insert is printed with the photograph of the dark sea, following the general design of the whole DVD. Inside sports the photograph of the crew, and comments by the producer and writer Bong Joon-ho (봉준호) and director and writer Shim Sung-bo (심성보) on the bottom.

Yoochun is playing Dong-shik (sometimes spelled Dong-sik), the youngest sailor on the ship who falls in love with Hong-Mae played by Han Ye-ri. As you can see in the photo above Yoochun gained 5 kg for the role and completly shed his idol image, not just with his looks but also with very convicing acting which earned him seven newcomer awards so far.

At some point I noticed that the inner DVD insert had some damage on it. It wasn’t too bad to begin with and became much better when I applied a bit of water on the damaged area and then pressed it for a few hours on a flat surface. I’m not sure what caused the damage. It could be that the hard plastic that holds the DVD in the middle went into the insert when I squeezed the DVD box shut, so make sure you squeeze the box only around the edges, not in the middle when you close it and it should be ok.

Sea Fog DVD contents

Disc 1

Sea Fog full movie with English or Korean subtitles

Disc 2

Special features

(Director Shim Sung-bo, Kim Yoon-seok, Park Yoochun, Han Ye-ri, Moon Sung-keun Lee Hee-joon, Kim Sang-ho, Yoo Seung-mok)
Set Sail
Full Load of Fish
Stormy Voyage
(심성보 감독, 김윤석, 박유천, 한예리, 문성근, 이희준, 김상호, 유승목)

Sadly the second disc does NOT have subtitles. If you don’t speak Korean the commentary interviews will probably not be very interesting to you, but in other features there are plenty of fun stuff to look at, like deleted scenes of Dong-sik with his grandmother (more opportunities to stare at Yoochun!), some behind the scenes footage, or the interesting overlays of special effects and real scene set up so you can see what it looked like for actors.

Sea Fog DVD info

DVD info
Audio 5.1 surround
Audio language Korean
Subtitles Korean, English
Production time March 2015
Region 3 NTSC
Aspect ratio 2.35: 1 widescreen
Movie running time 110 mins
With special features: 179 mins

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