JYJ Wake Me Tonight single

JYJ Wake Me Tonight cover Jaejoong Yoochun Junsu Kpop 2015 red marsalaWake Me Tonight is JYJ‘s first Japanese single.

It was released on January 21st, 2015 and ranked 2nd on Oricon Singles Weekly Chart, even climbing to Oricon Singles Daily Chart’s 1st place on January 25th. Due to counting sales differently (counting different issues of the same album separately, and JYJ releasing only one version of Wake Me Tonight), Tower Records Japan’s Daily Chart had them ranked at #1 throughout. They achieved this success despite it being their first album fully distributed in Japan. They have actually already reached 1st place on monthly charts in Japan with their Korean full album JYJ Just Us album despite it being released only in Korea.

Here is an JYJ Wake Me Tonight unboxing I did, a really short video but I tried to clearly show everything you get. Scroll down for HD photographs of the unboxing.

I’m not sure when the stocks will run out, but for now, Wake Me Tonight comes with external bonus – a glossy clear JYJ file folder. The image on the front is a photograph of JYJ members standing in front of the brushed metal background that can also be seen towards the end of their “Back Seat” MV, since “Back Seat” is one of the songs on this single.

The Wake Me Tonight CD case is not made of plastic, but cardboard and it is standard size for CD packaging 12.5 cm x 14 cm, and only 6 mm thick, so it will fit with any other CDs you might have on a shelf.

JYJ single Wake Me Tonight front and back cover Jaejoong Yoochun Junsu

Despite it’s thinness, it contains a really nice photobook, and as it was a pre-order and thus a first press, a JYJ photocard. At the time of writing this first press is still available for purchase in Japanese online stores.

I got green Junsu photocard, size 8.6cm x 5.5cm. All JYJ Wake Me Tonight photo cards regardless of the image on the front are of same size.

The attached photobook contains lyrics and high quality glossy photographs of the members. All photographs seem to have been taken at the Back Seat set.

JYJ Wake Me Tonight CD unboxing

Wake Me Tonight photobook CD design coverJaejoong Junsu Xia Back Seat photobook unboxingJaejoong Wake Me Tonight lyrics photo book unboxingYoochun Yuchun Wake Me Tonight photobook Back Seat set making ofJunsu Back Seat lyrics official Junsu photobookJYJ Wake Me Tonight photobook photo book

The insert also contains lyrics for the two songs, “Wake Me Tonight” and “Back Seat”, in Japanese and English, depending on how each part is sung.

All in all, it is a really nice single, small enough for easy shipping but still packed with goodies. An interesting sidenote, the color of the front really reminded me of marsala, color of the year 2015. Is this an accident or is JYJ keeping up with world trends?

Tracklisting for Wake Me Tonight single:

Title Lyrics Composed by Length
“Wake Me Tonight” Frontdoor Backdoor, Kelly Inglot 03:22
“Back Seat (Japanese ver.)” Kim Tae Wan, Noh Hyun, Won Young Heon Kim Tae Wan, Noh Hyun, Won Young Heon 03:12
“Wake Me Tonight (Inst.)”  – Backdoor, Kelly Inglot 03:20

Other version of this same album were

Currently there are no versions other than this, Japanese, one.


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