Kpop DIY – JYJ advent calendar

Kpop JYJ advent calendar DIY how to tutorial instructions christmasKpop and holidays – what better way to count down days to Christmas than with JYJ advent calendar?

Most Kpop bands have photo cards collections. In the case of JYJ they are called JYJ Collection Card. Since you don’t know which photo cards you’ll get, each day you will have a little surprise to open and be one day closer to opening your Christmas presents… I mean, closer to spending the day with your family. Of course. Ahem.

I combined some of my favorite things: JYJ, advent calendar, expectation and excitement, and all that for 0 calories and 0% fat.

I mainly do unboxings but if you would like me to make more DIYs in the future just like the video or leave a comment so I know.

Here is what you’ll need to make the same JYJ countdown calendar:

Kpop JYJ advent calendar materials

  • canvas
  • Kpop photo cards
  • string
  • clothespins or clips
  • pins



One box of JYJ Collection Cards comes with ten packs so you will have enough for ten days, with the first pack to open on the 16th of December and the last one on the 25th of December, Christmas. If you purchase more than one box, or if you use different Kpop photo cards, make sure you adjust the amount of materials you prepare.

To make the simplest form of advent calendar, you will just string the thread around canvas using pins and then hang the packs with clothespins. But it wouldn’t be a real Christmas project without some snowmen, a bit of snowflakes, and of course, a whole lot of glitter.

Optional materials for decorations:

optional materials for Christmas decoration DIY paper glue tape stickers glitter
If you can’t get exactly the same materials as I have, don’t worry. It will be even more fun making it if you give it your personal touch. Just use the one I made as an inspiration, and you can change it as much as you want. For example, instead of hanging the packs on canvas you could even make paper or cloth pockets for them.


For each day you will need: One pack of JYJ photo cards, one large strip of red wrapping paper or cardstock, one smaller strip of silver glitter cardstock, one square of cardstock, one smaller square (where you will write a date) and a clothespin.

Christmas white and red stripes clothespins clips glitter sparkle candy cane
Using Scotch Magic Tape to mask off the strips I wanted to leave white, with red marker and silver glitter I turned white clothespins into something more festive – candy cane style.

If you don’t have permanent marker you can use regular marker or red pain. Avoid having it smear all over your hand every time you touch a clothes pins by coating it with varnish, nail polish, or, as I did since I didn’t have any of those, crafting glue mixed with a bit of glitter.

Next comes the strips with dates that will wrap around the Kpop photocard packs.


Cut out ten strips of paper, which need to be long enough to wrap around the pack and be attached at the back. Next, prepare ten thinner (you can make them shorter as well) silver glittery strips. Ten larger plain squares and ten squares with numbers from 16 to 25. Stack them all on top of each other and glue them together.

Ten packs of JYJ Collection Card wrapped with Christmas advent calendar strips

Next, put the pins in the frame on the back side of the canvas and string the thread around.

Take the photo card packs and hang them on the thread using the clothespins you prepared. Decorate the canvas with stickers and lights. I used snowman and snowflake stickers and added three little star in the upper right corner to represent our JYJ stars.


Kpop JYJ Jaejoong Yoochun Junsu Christmas holiday advent calendar photo cards DIY how to tutorial handmade
What do you think? Will you make your own someday?


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