JYJ Collection Card

Kpoptown package Korea box shipping JYJ Collection Card

For shipping cost and weight watch the unboxing video

JYJ Collection Card is a line of photo cards with various photographs JYJ members took during a photo shoot in 2011.

There are 315 different unique cards in total, six of which are randomly placed in each pack, with each box containing ten packs, which means you get 60 cards in total per box. I have never gotten two of the same card inside of a pack, but it did happened that I got two of the same inside different packs from the same box.

Boxes come in three different designs, called type A, B and C, but those have no influence on which cards are likely to be inside.

Here is an unboxing video of the Type B box, as well as a short presentation of different types of cards you can get. You can also see these types of cards and their frequency in the table below.

So far I have ordered Type A from ex. dvdheaven (now ktown4u) for $15.94, and Type B from kpoptown for $9.87.

JYJ Star Collection Card Set A Type

Type A

JYJ Star Collection Card Set B Type

Type B

The silver packs inside the box also come in different designs, which match the segment of the photo-shoot depicted on the cover of the box as well.

Different various types of packs for JYJ trading star collection cards

A neat feature is that the lid of the box can be put up so you can use the box as a display for the photo cards or any other JYJ items you might have.

The thin white cardboard stand that lines the bottom of the box can easily be removed so you get a much deeper box.

To open the pack you simply cut off one side. But be careful that no cards get in a way because you will end up with chopped off cards and a broken heart.

JYJ Collection Cards’ numbers range from 1001 up to 1315, I’m guessing, although the highest number I got so far was 1291. To make things more interesting CJeS made different types of cards. And each of these can have either a solo shot of the members: Jaejoong, Yoochun or Junsu, or the whole JYJ together.

JYJ Collection Cards Jaejoong Yoochun Junsu

The so called normal cards are just regular photographs of the members, with a slightly altered design on the back – the picture is either desaturated, zoomed in, zoomed out, or it is a similar photograph to the one on the front with a slightly different pose.
Lenticular animation layer cards
have a front that changes as you view it from a different angles. The back has a pastel pink pattern print.
Profile layer cards have a regular photograph on the front, but have Jaejoong, Yoochun or Junsu’s birthday, height, blood type and weight on the back, printed in golden letters on a pink patterned background.
Plastic layer cards are the only ones that are not printed on cardstock but on a thin slice of flexible plastic. The front of the card has regular photograph and the back is covered in red and black pattern.
Hologram layer cards have cutouts of the member’s photograph surrounded with holographic background, while the back of the card has a regular photograph.
Gold, silver and laser foil layer cards look like normal cards except they have JYJ member’s name written on the front in metallic gold, silver and blue letters respectively.
Personal signature or the autograph layer car is similar to the gold, silver and laser foil layer cards except instead of printed letters, their names are a recreation of their personal signature. It seems they also come in gold, silver and blue versions but they are filed under the same number, that is, they are considered the same card no matter which color the signature is.

And at last, there are the event cards printed in an unknown amount. The prizes that you can get range from an extra box of collection cards all the way up to signed albums and pieces of clothing JYJ wore during the actual photo shoot.

Amazingly, I got a red card with black letters just as I was taking photographs for this unboxing, so it’s all captured on camera.

Sadly, I have been trying to reach CJeS for more than six months and they never replied to me. I’m not sure how to inquire about the prize I should get so if you have any info please share it in the comments below.

Type Pieces Front Back
Normal Card
150 JYJ collection card example normal card Jaejoong front JYJ collection card example normal card Jaejoong back
Lenticular animation layer
렌티큘러 애니메이션 레어
24 Lenticular animation layer jyj collection card example yoochun Lenticular animation layer jyj collection card yoochun JYJ
Profile layer
프로필 레어
27 profile layer 프로필 레어 JYJ Collection Card Jaejoong profile layer 프로필 레어 JYJ Collection Card Jaejoong back Kim Jejung
Plastic layer
플라스틱 레어
30 Plastic layer 플라스틱 레어 카드 JYJ collection card Cjes Junsu Plastic layer 플라스틱 레어 back photo card star collection
Hologram layer
홀로그램 레어
15 Example 2 hologram Junsu front Junsu JYJ Collection card back hologram white suit short hair
Gold foil layer
골드호일 레어
18 Example 6 Gold foil layer JYJ star collection card Yu Chun Example 6 Gold foil layer JYJ star collection card Yu Chun
Silver foil layer
실버호일 레어
18 silver foil JYJ Cjes Collection card 실버호일 레어 Yuchun silver foil JYJ Cjes Collection card Yoochun Yuchun back
Laser foil layer
레이저호일 레어
18 example 8 laser foil layer Yoochun JYJ collection card blue example 8 laser foil layer Yoochun JYJ collection card blue back photocard
Personal signature / autograph layer
친필싸인 레어
15 autograph-personal-signature-gold-Yoochun-star-collection-photo-card-front autograph-personal-signature-gold-Yoochun-star-collection-photo-card-back
Event card
Not disclosed Event card 이벤트카드 black red JYJ collection star 제이와이제이 컬렉션 카드 Event card 이벤트카드 black red JYJ collection star back 제이와이제이 컬렉션 카드

Most of the information listed above can be found at the back of each box, but it is written only in Korean.

JYJ Star Collection Card information data text in Hangul Korean

How to be sure the JYJ Collection Card you have is real?

Easy, C-JeS entertainment includes the holographic logo on each of the JYJ cards to ensure the buyer of its authenticity.

Tips on protecting your JYJ Collection Cards

The exact dimensions of JYJ photo cards are 63mm width and 88mm height. That means they fit in any standard trading card sleeve protectors.

I got a Japanese brand KMC’s Card Barrier series and I am very satisfied with durability and precision of the cut. I especially like their Perfect Size protectors because they fit so snugly that there is no room for dust to fall in between the protector and the card.

You can also buy an album insert page, but I prefer to have the cards separate in case I just want to take one somewhere with me, I don’t have to remove it from the protector or carry the whole album page.

Another fun thing you can do with your cards is make DIY JYJ advent calendar like the one I made. It’s easy to make, doesn’t require many tools and items, and it’s really fun.


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