JYJ Just Us second album

Unboxing: JYJ Just Us album is JYJ’s second Korean studio album, and third studio album overall (the first one being English-language album ‘The Beginning’).

JYJ haven’t released an album since late 2011, which makes for almost three years, and the fans were expecting it eagerly, to say the least. The enthusiasm is clearly shown by the album’s sales performance. JYJ’s agency, C-JeS Entertainment, announced that Just Us album had sold in more than 120,000 copies just in preorders. Album also achieved an “all kill” status less than an hour after release, which means that its title song placed first on all Korean music charts: Melon, MNet, Genie, Olleh, Naver, Cyworld…  In addition, other songs from the album also made it to the charts. And the music video for its title song, ‘Back Seat‘ surpassed 4 million views in just a week.

As far as the international success goes, Just Us placed 4th on the International Billboard Charts which are ranked by number of sales.

I pre-ordered two copies of JYJ Just Us album, one from Kpopmart and one from Ktown4u, because I found those two sites to be the cheapest when both the price of the item and the shipping were combined.

In the unboxing video above you can see which extra goodies I got in each so you can easier decide where to order from.

JYJ Just Us cover jacket second album box cover design flowers box CD photo book

For album with poster in tube the prices were:

  • Kpopmart: $17.50 album, $10.80 shipping, for the total of $28.30.
  • Ktown4u: $17.91 album, $10.36 shipping for the total of $28.27,

so basically as the prices go, the shipping ones were identical and the album prices were close too. Both boxes were protected and secured in a similar fashion, with album being wrapped in bubble wrap and the poster in cardboard tube.

Just Us bubble wrap securely album and poster in tubeThe official JYJ Just Us poster is black and white, with three sections, each sporting a close-up photograph of Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu’s faces arranged vertically. The JYJ Just Us poster dimensions are 32cm x 70cm. They are printed on glossy high quality paper in great resolution.

JYJ Just Us official poster Jaejoong Yoochun Yuchun Junsu black and white second album

Since my order was a pre-ordered in both Kpop online stores, I got a JYJ photo card with each: one seemed like Kpopmart’s custom photo card, and the other was randomly selected one from JYJ Collection Card set. Ktown4u’s Just Us official poster had slightly damaged edges which was strange since it came in undamaged tube. (you can see the damage in the unboxing video above or in the photograph below). On the other hand ktown4u also gave me an extra free poster from Jaejoong’s MINE solo album, so the scales tilt in their favor.

For the details on how the packages looked and what exactly was inside, please refer to the unboxing video above.
The JYJ Just Us album itself is made of a very nice and dense cardboard. The outside is covered in paper, I think, but it has a very nice criss-cross texture and feels almost like cloth. It’s in earthly colors with a decoration of flowers and leaves reflected over two perpendicular axes. You can see what I mean in the photo below.

The whole album design looks luxurious and it feels sturdy when you hold it, not flimsy like some. The holographic sticker which confirms its authenticity is on the back.

Just Us cover JYJ closed front
The JYJ members’ names (Jaejoong, Yuchun and Junsu)are written in white on the edge of the oval. You can also see the criss-cross texture more clearly in this close-up photograph.

JYJ Jaejoong Yuchun Junsu Just us cover oval
Inside the box, which has magnet closure (there is a magnet hidden in the front flap – the oval part you can see on the left of the box in the photograph below), the CD is mounted on the blueish-grey carboard stand which fits snugly in the box. The middle disk that holds the CD is made of soft foam. This makes it easy to remove and replace it which I really appreciate since the hard plastic disks JYJ used before in some of their albums tended to grip the CD too tightly, which would make the CD bend and creak omniously every time you tried to pry it off.

The cover is made of transparent plastic adorned with white leaves and the name of the album “Just Us – JYJ Second Album Back Seat“.
JYJ Just Us second album opened

I’m satisfied with this album not just in terms of the great music featured on it but also how everything physically appears sturdy and fits exactly where it’s supposed to. The materials used feel very high-quality to the touch.

On the right side in a fancy golden oval is the JYJ Just Us album tracklist.

Underneath the CD stand is the JYJ Just Us album photo book. Unlike the Special Edition of ‘The Beginning’ where it was difficult getting the photo book out, here the transparent plastic which goes all around the photo book lifts it easily so you can grab it without damaging anything. A brilliant little design trick I’ve never seen before.

Kpop music album full studio JYJ Just Us CD photo book 13 songsThe photo book has almost 50 pages. All the photos are printed on high-quality glossy paper. The size of the pages on which the lyrics are printed are smaller and in different shape , as opposed to pages featuring the photographs of JYJ members which are all the same size, which makes it interesting when turning pages and givess the impression they really put thought into every detail. Here you can see the sample photographs. To see the whole photo book, please watch the JYJ Just Us unboxing video above.

All in all, JYJ’s Just Us is a great album in a great packaging, with a nice design, whether you like floral patterns or not, and all things considered it is rather cheap. If you bought a similar empty carboard box for storying items you would probably end up paying more than for the whole album.

JYJ Just Us tracklist:

Title Lyrics Composed by Length
“Just Us” Park Il Park Il 00:47
“Back Seat” Kim Tae-won, Dong Ne-hyeong, Won Yeong-heon Kim Tae-won, Dong Ne-hyeong, Won Yeong-heon 03:12
“Letting Go” Kim Junsu, Daryle “D. Brown” Oldham, Park Yoochun Daryle “D.Brown” Oldham 03:47
“7살” / “7 years” Michin Kamseong,  Im Han-byeol Michin Kamseong 03:43
“Dad, you there?” Park Yoochun, Daryle “D. Brown” Oldham Daryle ‘D.Brown’ Oldham, Gabriel Bello 04:31
“So So” Hoe Jang-nim, Jeong Jae-yeop, AQX Hoe Jang-nim, Jeong Jae-yeop, AQX 03:47
“새벽 두시 반” / “2:30 AM” Michin Kamseong Brandyn Burnette, Odd Jensen, Elisabeth Carew 03:42
“Let Me See” Kim Jaejoong Hoe Jang-nim, 2JAJA, AQX 03:38
“서른..” / “Thirty..” Park Yoochun Park Yoochun, Kwon Bin-gi 03:39
“Baboboy” Kim Jaejoong Claire Sackwild, Tobias johansson, Jack Door 03:30
“Dear J” Kim Jaejoong Hoe Jang-nim, Jeong Jae-yeop, AQX 03:41
 “Creation” Kim Jaejoong Takashi Fukuda, Richard K & Edward K 03:59
 “Valentine” Chris Brown, Lonny Bereal Lonny Bereal Lonny Bereal 03:32

Other version of this same album were

Currently there are no versions other than this, Korean, one.


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