DBSK TVXQ Lovin’ You single unboxing

Lovin’ You is DBSK/TVXQ’s 11th Japanese single (from the album T), and at the time the most successful one since their Japanese debut. They published it under the name of Tohoshinki/東方神起 on June 13, 2007 in Japan, and June 20, 2007, just a week later, in South Korea.

Lovin' You TVXQ DBSK Tohoshinki CD 11th Japanese single Korean version

As far as the visuals go, this is one of my favorite CD jackets. The simple combination of shades of white both on the CD and member’s clothing accented with a shiny silver and bright red really make for an eye-pleasing design.

Lovin You DBSK TVXQ Tohoshinki cover Junsu Yoochun Jaejoong Changmin Yunho singleLoving You reverse back DBSK TVXQ Tohoshinki white red singleThe packaging is simple, both in contents and design. You get a CD, a 12 page photo book and lyrics sheet in a jewel case, as well as the usual obi strip, S.M. advertisement and, if you purchase first print, one random member photocard as well as a group photocard. While the lyrics in the photo book are written in Japanese (Hiragana and Kanji ) a lyrics sheet insert is added to Korean version for Korean audience with both the Japanese transliteration to Hangul on one side and translation to Korean on the other.

Lovin You Tohoshinki TVXQ CD photo book obi strip lyrics sheet photo cards official
I’m not sure how they counted the pages to get up to 12 because by my calculations there are 10, and each member has a solo shot.

The first print edition comes with two photo cards, one solo shot of a random member – I got Shim Changmin and one Tohoshinki group shot.
The CD itself follows the simple white and silver design, and has the ripped-paper effect like the jacket cover.Lovin You Tohishinki TVXQ Japanese singleLovin You TVXQ CD Korean edition S.M. Entertainment single
More details:

Track listing for Lovin’ You Korean edition:

Title Lyrics Composed by Length
“Lovin’ You” H.U.B Mikio Sakai (酒井ミキオ) 05:50
“五線紙” H.U.B Velvetronica 04:59
“約束 (Extra NBS Mix)” H.U.B Remixed by SJR 05:18
“Lovin’ You” (Instrumental) Mikio Sakai (酒井ミキオ) 05:50
“五線紙” (Instrumental) Velvetronica 04:58

Unlike the previous TVXQ CD I unboxed – “Hug” – this CD does not contain all the strange junk files but simply the five songs which makes it much more user friendly.

Other version of this album


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